Saturday, June 11, 2011

Salt water saturated mud

Mud saturated with salt water means water-based mud with a high concentration of salt in water. It contains much chloride content until it reaches the saturated state and has a dissolved salt over 50,000 mg of salt per liter .

Why do we use such a concentration of salt in the water-based mud?

This type of mud is typically used in drilling in thick salt formations as salt domes . In addition, it is used to control a problem hydrate drilling in deep waters .

Talking point booth operation of the mud with water saturated with salt

Practically, you can prepare the saturated salt by addition of NaCl or KCl in basic water until it reaches a saturation point . Then , certain additives such as fluid loss control , field weighting , viscosity , etc. will be added later . When you mix fresh , you need a certain amount of time to shear the mud until it has good rheology . Once you got the good rheology , This mud is a good yield and resistance of the gel point . Since salt water has a chance to create foaming issue so you may need to add deformer to control this problem too . In addition, you must remember that when you test retort , you must subtract the amount of salt solid figure or you will hurt the severity of low density solid, high-solids from the retort testing .

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