Thursday, June 23, 2011

Advantages of oil-based mud

mud is oil based drilling mud which has oil as the external phase. mud is oil based invert emulsion because the external phase is oil and the internal phase is water. Water oil ratio range of 50% oil: water 50% oil 95% to 5% water. Currently, many operators prefer to use oil-based mud instead of water based mud .



You may wonder why the oil companies nowadays many use this type of mud.Regardless, I summarize it for you.

• The oil-based mud is good for the environment at high temperature, because the base fluid is oil.

• It is good for drilling in the shale formation, because it does not react with clay formation leading to an unstable shale.

• It usually creates sludge cake cutting. It's really good because you can reduce the risk for pipe stalemate.

• It can be treated and reused. Through the mud for long term may reduce the overall cost of drilling muds.

• Base oil as the external phase is so good lubricant significantly reduce drilling torque.

• It is good to use in some areas where you're faced with the problem hydrate such as drilling in deep water.

• Generally, when drilling mud base oil dipstick hole can be easily achieved.


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